Nigel Riches

Photography has taken Nigel Riches around the globe. The London native has shot on every continent, from the Arctic Circle to the Namib Desert, from Death Valley to the summit of Kilimanjaro. He’s a master at shooting in the elements, capturing panoramic vistas and the rugged beauty of the outdoors, often employing his skills as a deepwater diver or a licensed drone pilot in the process.

Whether on location in the world’s farthest reaches or in studio, Nigel is as adept at working with natural light and minimal equipment as he is with large scale productions. In both he’s able to capture intimate, seemingly spontaneous moments.

Despite his uniquely relaxed, unobtrusive shooting style, Nigel β€” in the words of the Bank of London’s creative director β€”β€œalways delivers the perfect shot.” It’s perhaps for this reason that he counts among his advertising clients Amazon Music, Sony, Puma, Samsung, Johnnie Walker, Peroni, Carlsberg, Runners Need, Go Outdoors, Arc’teryn, Supermalt, Lipton and Dove.

The filmic nature of Nigel’s stills naturally extends to motion in his work as a director, where his recent clients include Red Paddle, Cycle Surgery, VitaMalt, Cotsworld and Sunbird Beach Resort.

Nigel is based in London, and he travels the world with his camera.